Apr. 28th, 2017

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Right! Now that I've figured some things out about Dreamwidth (yes, like how to crosspost to my LiveJournal) I think it's time to get started actually posting some stuff. I tend to prefer sticking to fandom-based topics in my online life, but as I haven't got anything interesting going on personally I've decided to begin making regular fic-rec posts.

At least once a week, maybe more, I am going to post a list of fanfics I recommend for various reasons. Every list will be themed, some your common themes like By Genre, some... odder, like today's theme. This is as much for my edification as your own, after all. :)

Stories I Dream About

These would be fanfics that are interesting enough to dig into my subconscious so that I never forget them and keep going back to reread them. Usually I like most everything about it, the set-up and the characterizations, but find that I wish at least one part hadn't happened the way it did. So I dream about alternate endings or decisions, twists in the narrative that could result in the story going a different way. Like my brain is writing its own remixes for them that I could never do for real. These are a sample of those types of stories. They are all fantastic, well-written and I fully recommend anyone read them - you might even like them more than I do!

Fic Recs - Personal Headcanons )

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