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Toooo muuuuuuch fic!

Dear Pinboard users (and especially the amazing people in my Network),

I love you all very much because you bookmark so many wonderful stories in so many fandoms I love. All of which look incredibly interesting and have to, just have to be read as soon as possible. And you manage do it all the time, a constant stream of great fic to read and read and read so that I never run out of ficcy goodness. It's truly wonderful!

Could ya stop now though, plzkthx?

At least for a day or two, so I can catch up! I have sooooo many open tabs of stories-to-be-read in my browser it isn't even funny. I can't tell them apart anymore because the only part of the tab still visible is the little domain icon of where each tab points to, there's too many to even show partial titles. (Incidentally, I appear to have 8 Livejournal, 5 Dreamwidth, 2 Fanfiction.Net, 6 assorted personal authorsites, and far too many AO3 tabs too count. It's a see of red interspersed with some occasional blue!) And it's not all just one fandom either! I must have at least 15 fandoms represented up there -- though I think a significant portion of them are Avengers fandom, which is ridiculous because I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE AVENGERS, wtf? [ profile] crimsonquills, I so blame you for this. ::headdesks::

In conclusion, so much great fic! Please hold off on bookmarking more for a bit 'til I can read the ones you've already recced before i fall so far behind I'll never catch up!

Much love,

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SEE THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! I am going to be watching you like a hawk to make sure you don't drown in all the awesome fic. Whew, what a way to go, right?

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IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!! I can't help it that Pinboard users just seem to be more actively reccing the fic than Delicious ever did, even during it's heyday. I blame all the kinkmemes, because they are nothing if not frothing broiling bunny factories of kinky and cracky fic production pumping out the most amazing stories ALL OF THE TIME, omg! There's just so much to reeeeead and I don't want to miss any of it! Even if I work through, like, 10 stories a day it still won't be enough because lots of them are novels and epics with ridiculously long wordcounts. (Sherlock and Start Trek XI, I'm looking at you!) Which I love because long fics are gold and totally my preciouses, yes, but they take hours to read -- and then I'm behind again, oh noes!*

Of course the fic situation isn't even the half of it, because I also have nine real books I have to read for work (library staff = much reading, oy!) and I still need to finish off my Halloween costume for tomorrow. Yipes!


*This may be why I haven't felt the impetus to write anything myself for a while. Yeah, yeah... let's go with that excuse reason. ;P