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State of Emergency = Mandatory Day Off!

The rivers around downtown and south Calgary finally flood after a month of constant heavy rain, and the whole city essentially shuts down. Even those areas not affected by flooding (like where I am.) Everything's closed! No work, no school, no buses, no transit. No library.

Oh well, guess I'm staying home today. As long as my power and internet still work, I'm good!

Woot, mandatory day off!

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Stay dry!
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Jealous! Hope power and internets stay up for you.

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I'm good, I'm in the northern part of the city unaffected by any of the flooding or power outages. Mostly I did my part to help by staying off the roads, not monopolizing the phone lines, and conserving water. Considering over 75,000 people were evacuated but only 1500 needed to go to emergency shelters, Calgary is pretty much taking this so-called 'disaster' with calm and good humour. I think most people are more worried whether the Calgary Stampede will be able to go off as normal in just over a week when the Stampede grounds are currently 20ft underwater.

Priorities, we haz 'em! :-)
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Sadly, those priorities are exactly the same for the bulk of Australians.