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Here's part 2 of [ profile] redwolfoz's birthday fic, the sequel to The Occisor's Charisma.

Thanks for the permission to keep playing in your !verse, Wolf! :)

... and the mystery deepens )
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Sent this scribble to [ profile] redwolfoz via email last night and she liked it enough to want to keep it. It's already posted on her website, so I figured might as well post it on LJ too.

Set in Red Wolf's original Wolf&Declán!verse, and occuring sometime in the London!verse, here's what Spike and Dawn's co-workers have been up to on their own time...

Summary: Declán is less than happy to learn there's a new man in Rachel's life.

Covetous )
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Thank you to [ profile] redwolfoz for reccing me! (And for reading all my stories, even the ones in fandoms she hates. :P)

[ profile] nashmaveric's Viral Recs Meme: I'll rec three writers, pointing out two of their stories that I love. These three writers will copy/paste the list to their journal and add three more. Kinda like a pay-it-forward thing. Recs cannot be repeated so each new person must read the list and make sure they don't rec a writer that's on it. Making sense so far? By the end of this there should be like a million billion recs!
Be sure to check out the entire list that [ profile] mpoetess put together of past recs first!

My three recs... )
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For [ profile] leni_ba's IWRY B/A Marathon, here's November 7th's contribution by yours truly. Completed only at the last minute, emergency beta'd by [ profile] redwolfoz, and posted just in the nick of time. Whew! :P

Title: Most Wanted
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everybody wants a piece of Buffy tonight...
Author's Notes: Set in the latter half of Season One. This is old skool stuff, people.

Most Wanted By Moonbeam )

P.S. Be sure you also read [ profile] dknightshade's November 5th contribution, He Couldn't! [/pimp]
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I'm not sure I really like this one. It didn't follow the plan at all. :(

In fact, I debated about posting it all, but then decided you guys were more likely to hit me for no story at all as opposed to a bad one. And I'm afraid of you -- you're all crazy. ;P

Beam Me Up, Scotty )
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Yes, yes! Finally! Here it is, the next Lair-fic! ::trumpets play, fireworks go off, and much cheering is heard::

And it's actually a fairly long one, too! I had a devil of a time writing it, dang thing kept wanting to go off in it's own directions. Anyway, here's hoping you like where I finally wrangled the bunny down.

Operation: Safeguard )

We have two new authors joining us in the Lair today, [ profile] stormr_d and [ profile] leni_ba -- everybody say "hi!"

As for the rest of you, don't forget to get your bios in! :D
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This is not part of the "Life at the Lair" series, and I realise I'm violating my own words by having written it when I said I wouldn't be doing any writing for a while. But this is special. This is a heartfelt Thank You gift for [ profile] redwolfoz.

Red Wolf has been exceptionally kind and patient with me over the last few days -- though she's always been nothing but a solid, steadfast friend -- during the designing of several beautiful graphics for the new Secret Lair website. In honour of her incredibly hard work, I took time away from beta-reading Nevermore's fic to write something I hope she'll enjoy. (And Norm, if by some small chance you're reading this... Sorry! ;P)

So thank you, Wolf. I had a chat with Spike and Wolverine, and this is what they suggested. I hope you like it, and don't mind me delving briefly into the world of Wolf & Declán. :)

Anybody else reading this, be advised that it is not my usual light and fluffy humour.

Oh, and unless my understanding of timezones is completely off...


Pack Mentality )
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I think I'm going to need to take tomorrow (and possibly longer) off from writing Lair-fic, so this one's a bit longer than normal to make it up to you. ;)

It also has a few ulterior motives, as it somewhat answers the "Allure" challenge at [ profile] the_kittchen, and meets the suggestions of four fellow Lair denizens: [ profile] tomywca, [ profile] pheral, [ profile] stormdracona, and [ profile] blazingskies.

Remember! It's all in fun! ;D )
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Today's story has been brought to you by cotton candy, Gummi Bears, and the letter 'Y'.

(As in, 'why am I doing this?!' :D)

Oh, Nutty's comments for a previous story were also used as inspiration. And Tomy already knows what happens in the implied moments after that scene. Have fun, kids! :D

A Hunting We Will Go! )
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A little THANK YOU to [ profile] redwolfoz for helping me with my computer issues. It's all better now! I'm so happy! :D

Dawn catches Spike in the act... (humour) )

Thanks a million, Wolf! You really are the best! ::hugs::
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[ profile] leni_ba has donated her sampling of rare OC-steak to our joint efforts to classically condition [ profile] redwolfoz into writing a full-length story based off her Partners In Crime drabble. And it looks like it's working! The lastest data on our experimental results shows promising progress is being made. We may get our desired outcome yet! :)

Be sure to check out Leni's wonderful outside-perspective story, The Pavlov Experiment: Fair Trade here. Go on, now... shoo! There's a good girl!
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As part of mine and [ profile] leni_ba's attempts to coerce [ profile] redwolfoz into writing a full-length story for her Spike & Dawn drabble, here's a nice juicy slab of meat for my pet Wolf to sink her teeth into.

Here, doggie, doggie, doggie! Dinner's served! )

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