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It came! It came! SQUEEEEE!

Awww, and I didn't even get to tackle the mail lady. ::pouts:: Went out for lunch with my sister, came back and there it was! All pretty too, [ profile] redwolfoz did a nice job on the packaging. Plus, she gave me business cards from her web design company -- nifty. :D

Have to go to work soon, so can't watch right now. But I'll pop one in to make sure I can view 'em all right on my system before I let the excitement carry me away completely.

EDIT: CRUD!!! I have sound but no picture! Argh, damnit, what codec am I missing and where can I get it?! Help! Au secours! SOS!

EDIT 2: On the other hand, the Global Frequency thing shows up fine. Huh.
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I think I'm going to need to take tomorrow (and possibly longer) off from writing Lair-fic, so this one's a bit longer than normal to make it up to you. ;)

It also has a few ulterior motives, as it somewhat answers the "Allure" challenge at [ profile] the_kittchen, and meets the suggestions of four fellow Lair denizens: [ profile] tomywca, [ profile] pheral, [ profile] stormdracona, and [ profile] blazingskies.

Remember! It's all in fun! ;D )

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