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It are Made of WIN!

Also, made of kitteh. :D And camel and dog, too.

No really! It is actually made of cat fur, camel hair, and dog fur. I kid you not. Look!           ---->

The dark part at the top is the kitty fur, the brown part is camel, and the fuzzy white is the dog.

I collected the cat's shed fur for months, shipped it to my friend [ profile] redwolfoz and she spun it into yarn. Then she added camel and dog fuzz because Tinky fuzz was not enough alone, and made me a scarf.

And it is AWESOME! \o/

Thank you, Wolf! ♥
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OMG. Wow. I mean, I'm just... wow. Totally stunned here. That's amazingly generous of you. Wow. I have no clue why anyone would do such a thing for me, but god, yeah, just... wow!

Thank you so freakin' much, whomever you be!


Okay, seriously: Whoever you are, you own me now. Granted these days I'm not good for much, but whatever you want as a thank you? I will provide. Fic, badly-drawn art, world-renown Bernard Callebaut chocolates showing up at your door by express delivery, nekkid pictures of me, nekkid pictures of the actor/actress of your choice (after I stalk them, get arrested, and skip post bail, of course), my first born child, my eternally-devoted soul...

No, seriously, whatever you want. Make an anonymous comment to this post if you wish to remain secret, or go ahead and claim your accolades as loudly as they're so obviously due. Because you? ARE MADE OF AWESOME!

::bows down in worship::
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Dear P. Heral,

I got your parcel today, yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the DVD! You rock! ::glomps you::

Also, you are too freakin' adorable. ;P I mean, "P. Heral"? That's classic! Man, I'd never get away with something like that for my name, you devious little kitty, you. You're lucky I was so excited to get the DVD that I didn't have time to be jealous, because dude! No fair! Aaaaaaannnnnddddd... you even have CUTE PENMANSHIP! Argh, there is no justice in this world!

Oh well, at least I have KFTLC to soothe myself with. Works for me! :D

Thanks hun! ::kiss, kiss, pet, pet::

Much love,
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Here's part 2 of [ profile] redwolfoz's birthday fic, the sequel to The Occisor's Charisma.

Thanks for the permission to keep playing in your !verse, Wolf! :)

... and the mystery deepens )
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Once a year, every year, a special time must come. A time to celebrate, to rejoice in our good fortune, and of course, to give presents. Today is that time... for it is the inimitable [ profile] redwolfoz's birthday. And as her good, dear, and oh-so-lovable friend, I've hauled out my muse and done my best to write her a fic worthy as a gift.

Or, well, that was the intention anyway. I seem to have had a slight problem with her prompt. ::blushes:: Heh.

In line with the requested "vegetation" theme, this supposedly simple little fic idea I had went and grew a plot. A plot! Ficlet's aren't supposed to have plots, 'specially not the b-day prezzie kind! But alas, this one does...

2000 words later, and the real story is only just beginning... )

So now, if my Wolf does not object, I'll take a page out of her book and continue the tale in a series of short interconnected ficlets. If she so desires...

::bows:: By your leave, Red Wolf, I wish you a bountiful and joyous, Happy Birthday!
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Yeah, it's not the Jack fics yet, but at least it proves my muse has finally returned from it's year-long vacation. ;)

This was written earler today as a comment fic prezzie for [ profile] crimsonquills's birthday. I was originally planning to continue it until the inevitable smutty conclusion, but work intruded and I lost my rhythm. Luckily, it seems to end on a fairly suitable point so I'm not too worried about finishing it. I may or may not get around to writing the actual porn later on... sorry, Nix!

Um, happy birthday anyway? XD

It's mild slash, obviously: Gibbs and Tony, with kissing! Yay! )
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Hey, look! My muse made an appearance! ::cheers::

It's short, but it's a start. ;) Now if only I can hold on to it long enough to write that ficathon story I've got due in a week, everything would be great.

A Wolf&Declán!verse drabble, for Red Wolf )

There's also more Lair-fic to squee over, as both [ profile] reoune and [ profile] dknightshade have posted the next adventures of their Secret Lair serieses. Be sure to catch Deona's A Surprising Encounter and Shady's Another Fine Mess -- although I think most of you have seen the latter one by now already. ;P
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It came! It came! SQUEEEEE!

Awww, and I didn't even get to tackle the mail lady. ::pouts:: Went out for lunch with my sister, came back and there it was! All pretty too, [ profile] redwolfoz did a nice job on the packaging. Plus, she gave me business cards from her web design company -- nifty. :D

Have to go to work soon, so can't watch right now. But I'll pop one in to make sure I can view 'em all right on my system before I let the excitement carry me away completely.

EDIT: CRUD!!! I have sound but no picture! Argh, damnit, what codec am I missing and where can I get it?! Help! Au secours! SOS!

EDIT 2: On the other hand, the Global Frequency thing shows up fine. Huh.
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My dad just gave me a couple of free goodies bought home from work... two ninja throwing 'at' signs -- complete with little tiny cutting blades embedded in the plastic!

Fear me, for I am armed and dangerous with killer computer symbols! Mwuahahaha!


A-ha! :D

Jun. 7th, 2005 10:22 pm
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It was [ profile] redwolfoz! Thank you! I love you! :D :D :D

::glomps her Wolf::

Ha! Shoulda known. ;P
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Shit me, I have a paid account! How the hell did that happen?! ::blinks in shock::

Alright, which one of you lovely ladies (or laddies, if by chance it t'were a guy) do I have to make the sacrifice to? And what would you prefer in gratitude, because whatever you ask I shall endeavor to provide. You want worship and accolades? I grovel in adulation before you! You want fic? Name it, I'll write it! You want icons? I'll bribe someone else to make them! You want my first born? Well... you might have to fight my sister for it, since the only way I'm ever having kids is as a surrogate mommy for hers.

But anything else is yours -- ask and you shall receive!


Whoever you are, I love you! ::smacks a big kiss on you::


Oh, and the reason I bothered to update my LJ in the first place and thus discovered my wonderful new good fortune (THANK YOU!!!)...

Shady tagged me with an Evil Fandom Meme thingy )
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I love [ profile] gumnut and her goldfish memory! You crazy, wonderful, forgetful Aussie, you! ::hugs Nutty:: I get home from a long hard day at work to find not one, not two, but THREE emails from her -- all with feedback on stories she's already sent feedback for! :D Love it, I love it! ::pets Nutty's goldfish memory::

Oh, and as if anyone on my Flist cares, but I've created a fanfiction community called [ profile] tannerific. (Shifty made me do it! ;P) It's for discussion and stories focusing on The Magnificent Seven fandom's sexy sharpshooter, Vin Tanner.

If anyone with graphics experience and some time on their hands would like to help me create an icon for it, I'd be forever grateful. ::looks hopeful:: I'll give ya a cookie! ;)

Oh, and yeah, I suppose I shouldn't forget this...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] dknightshade!Shady, I've actually managed to get a decent start on your fic present! ::beams proudly:: So you should, barring unforeseeable catastrophes, get it by the end of the weekend. Yay!
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For [ profile] stormr_d, on her special day -- a special fic, just for you! It's short and sweet, but from the heart. :D

Happy birthday, Storm! )
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[ profile] pheral wrote me a delicious The Sentinel birthday ficlet featuring Jim's spirit guide, the Black Panther! ::Moon disintergrates into a puddle of drooling goo::

Go read Feral Dreams by Pheral and don't forget to pet the pretty kitty! :D


[ profile] stormr_d has just written me an angsty, teary, heart-wrenching Knight Rider post-"The Scent of Roses" ficlet that she posted at [ profile] the_kittchen. Go, read, bring tissues! ::sniff::


And now I'm all weepy, so somebody needs to write me something funny! Because yes, I'm a greedy bastard and can never have enough prezzies. *eg* More fic, I say, bring me MORE FIC!
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Because I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to write a new "Life at the Lair" fic, [ profile] gumnut has kindly stepped in to fill the void! YAY!! ::Moon does happy dance:: I'm eternally grateful to Nutty for agreeing to hold off the hordes of rabid Lair denizens. No, really... Thanks, hun! ;P

Nutty's new series, "The Great Race", promises to be fun and exciting, with new characters and new fandoms joining in with all the regular Lair denizens. And, horror of horrors, Nutty has actually managed to build a plot into her series. ::GASP!!:: I know, who ever thought it could happen? Trust Nutty to be the one to pull it off. :D

So, in her name, I present to you the first story of:

The Great Race! )
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This is not part of the "Life at the Lair" series, and I realise I'm violating my own words by having written it when I said I wouldn't be doing any writing for a while. But this is special. This is a heartfelt Thank You gift for [ profile] redwolfoz.

Red Wolf has been exceptionally kind and patient with me over the last few days -- though she's always been nothing but a solid, steadfast friend -- during the designing of several beautiful graphics for the new Secret Lair website. In honour of her incredibly hard work, I took time away from beta-reading Nevermore's fic to write something I hope she'll enjoy. (And Norm, if by some small chance you're reading this... Sorry! ;P)

So thank you, Wolf. I had a chat with Spike and Wolverine, and this is what they suggested. I hope you like it, and don't mind me delving briefly into the world of Wolf & Declán. :)

Anybody else reading this, be advised that it is not my usual light and fluffy humour.

Oh, and unless my understanding of timezones is completely off...


Pack Mentality )
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It's not a slogan, but I'm hereby nominating [ profile] gumnut's brilliant rhyme as the:

Official Poem of the Secret Lair!


Moonbeam’s Secret Lair
By Gumnut
19 Jul 2004

Have you ever wondered?
Or have you ever cared?
About what happens late at night
When the Moon has disappeared?

Do you know where she goes to?
Do you know where she sleeps?
Hidden away from the starry night
And where the darkness creeps?

She has a place to run to
She has a place to flee
Far amongst the distant mountains
And far, far from the sea.

Amidst an ancient forest
Atop a winding stair
A hidden place, a magic place
Is Moonbeam’s Secret Lair.


Now you may be wondering
Or maybe have a care
To find out what is going on
And what she’s doing there.

For many things do happen
And many strange and odd
People who visit Moonbeam
Run riot, run roughshod

‘Cause sane is what they can’t be
And sane is what they aren’t
Hanging out in the Secret Lair
With characters to taunt

With fic from many fandoms
And challenges to spare
They have a great time, a fun time
In Moonbeam’s Secret Lair.


And now you have to wonder
And now you have to care
To join the fun you’ll need to find
A way of getting there

To know the secret passwords
To know the secret path
To locate the mystic Moonbeam
Is not an easy task.

Through hidden trails and passes
Past hidden traps and snares
Be careful of the cave next door
She keeps a cougar there

Of all these many dangers
Of all you must beware
For all the fun, it’s worth the trip
To Moonbeam’s Secret Lair


So stop wondering and join us
So be wild, be carefree
And hang out with some gorgeous guys,
An author, two or three

Watch out for the guy with claws
Watch out for the evil twins
That Jack and Mac, and Michael too
Their cocky smart ass grins

Tomy gets to play with horses
Shady gets the whip
Nutty’s running ‘round in circles
Vespurrs hangs with Kitt

So thank the darling Moonbeam,
Her tender loving care,
‘Cause life’s a party, life is fun
In Moonbeam’s Secret Lair!


Who's with me?! Yea or nay? Cast your votes now! :D
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A little THANK YOU to [ profile] redwolfoz for helping me with my computer issues. It's all better now! I'm so happy! :D

Dawn catches Spike in the act... (humour) )

Thanks a million, Wolf! You really are the best! ::hugs::

For Shady

Jun. 21st, 2004 11:55 pm
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As per your request, my dear... deleted, edited, and reposted:

Driving Blind WIP )

I can change it altogether, if you'd rather. Just let me know what's most comfortable for you. :)
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Hey, some kindly friends answered my pathetic call for comfort fic! ::hugs everybody::

[ profile] dknightshade wrote a very tender Jean-Luc Picard/Beverly Crusher fic for me. And [ profile] leni_ba wrote a fun and sexy Usagi/Mamoru ficlet into the comments! Yay! :D

Special thanks also to [ profile] kim_cc and [ profile] vespurrs for the recommendations, and [ profile] redwolfoz for promising me more Declán. (I'll hold you to that, Wolf! ::evil grin::)

In related news, the burn stopped stinging around 2am last night, allowing me to go to bed and actually get some sleep. It's still a deep red welt (about four inches long, one inch wide), but is no longer bothering me.

Thanks again, guys! :)

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