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Here's part 2 of [ profile] redwolfoz's birthday fic, the sequel to The Occisor's Charisma.

Thanks for the permission to keep playing in your !verse, Wolf! :)

... and the mystery deepens )
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Once a year, every year, a special time must come. A time to celebrate, to rejoice in our good fortune, and of course, to give presents. Today is that time... for it is the inimitable [ profile] redwolfoz's birthday. And as her good, dear, and oh-so-lovable friend, I've hauled out my muse and done my best to write her a fic worthy as a gift.

Or, well, that was the intention anyway. I seem to have had a slight problem with her prompt. ::blushes:: Heh.

In line with the requested "vegetation" theme, this supposedly simple little fic idea I had went and grew a plot. A plot! Ficlet's aren't supposed to have plots, 'specially not the b-day prezzie kind! But alas, this one does...

2000 words later, and the real story is only just beginning... )

So now, if my Wolf does not object, I'll take a page out of her book and continue the tale in a series of short interconnected ficlets. If she so desires...

::bows:: By your leave, Red Wolf, I wish you a bountiful and joyous, Happy Birthday!
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Sent this scribble to [ profile] redwolfoz via email last night and she liked it enough to want to keep it. It's already posted on her website, so I figured might as well post it on LJ too.

Set in Red Wolf's original Wolf&Declán!verse, and occuring sometime in the London!verse, here's what Spike and Dawn's co-workers have been up to on their own time...

Summary: Declán is less than happy to learn there's a new man in Rachel's life.

Covetous )
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For [ profile] leni_ba's IWRY B/A Marathon, here's November 7th's contribution by yours truly. Completed only at the last minute, emergency beta'd by [ profile] redwolfoz, and posted just in the nick of time. Whew! :P

Title: Most Wanted
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everybody wants a piece of Buffy tonight...
Author's Notes: Set in the latter half of Season One. This is old skool stuff, people.

Most Wanted By Moonbeam )

P.S. Be sure you also read [ profile] dknightshade's November 5th contribution, He Couldn't! [/pimp]
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This is not part of the "Life at the Lair" series, and I realise I'm violating my own words by having written it when I said I wouldn't be doing any writing for a while. But this is special. This is a heartfelt Thank You gift for [ profile] redwolfoz.

Red Wolf has been exceptionally kind and patient with me over the last few days -- though she's always been nothing but a solid, steadfast friend -- during the designing of several beautiful graphics for the new Secret Lair website. In honour of her incredibly hard work, I took time away from beta-reading Nevermore's fic to write something I hope she'll enjoy. (And Norm, if by some small chance you're reading this... Sorry! ;P)

So thank you, Wolf. I had a chat with Spike and Wolverine, and this is what they suggested. I hope you like it, and don't mind me delving briefly into the world of Wolf & Declán. :)

Anybody else reading this, be advised that it is not my usual light and fluffy humour.

Oh, and unless my understanding of timezones is completely off...


Pack Mentality )
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Inspired by (but not related to) [ profile] labyrinthan_elf's hilarious series of "God, This Place is Boring When We're Not Chasing Sea Monsters" shorts posted on her LiveJournal, I hereby present a quick view from the other half of the equation. ::snigger::

Back off, you hussy! seaQuest is MINE! )
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Hey, [ profile] leni_ba! Lookie what I got for ya! I'm getting ready to pack up my computer for the move, so was trolling through my harddrive and found this sucker. Thought you, at least, might appreciate a good laugh. :P

Operation: Courtship )

Remember, mind. It was intended for my lil' cousin when she was 14 years old. (She's almost 18 now. LOL!) So it is kind of, well... ridiculous. Much like the anime itself. ::snerk:: It's a first season, Serena/Darien romance. Haven't worked all the details out yet, but Mina's with the gang and Darien knows who Sailor Moon is -- she doesn't know he's Tuxedo Mask, though -- but no one knows about the Princess, yet.

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