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Here's part 2 of [ profile] redwolfoz's birthday fic, the sequel to The Occisor's Charisma.

Thanks for the permission to keep playing in your !verse, Wolf! :)

... and the mystery deepens )
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Jack-fic the First! Written for the [ profile] 10_inspirations challenge. One down, nine to go! :D

Title: Homecoming
Author: Moonbeam's Predilections
Genre: Stargate SG-1 (season 8)/ Highlander crossover
Rating: G
Word count: 480
Prompt: Word #10 - Slugabed

slugabed: one who stays in bed until a late hour )
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Once a year, every year, a special time must come. A time to celebrate, to rejoice in our good fortune, and of course, to give presents. Today is that time... for it is the inimitable [ profile] redwolfoz's birthday. And as her good, dear, and oh-so-lovable friend, I've hauled out my muse and done my best to write her a fic worthy as a gift.

Or, well, that was the intention anyway. I seem to have had a slight problem with her prompt. ::blushes:: Heh.

In line with the requested "vegetation" theme, this supposedly simple little fic idea I had went and grew a plot. A plot! Ficlet's aren't supposed to have plots, 'specially not the b-day prezzie kind! But alas, this one does...

2000 words later, and the real story is only just beginning... )

So now, if my Wolf does not object, I'll take a page out of her book and continue the tale in a series of short interconnected ficlets. If she so desires...

::bows:: By your leave, Red Wolf, I wish you a bountiful and joyous, Happy Birthday!
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I'm not sure I really like this one. It didn't follow the plan at all. :(

In fact, I debated about posting it all, but then decided you guys were more likely to hit me for no story at all as opposed to a bad one. And I'm afraid of you -- you're all crazy. ;P

Beam Me Up, Scotty )
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Yes, yes! Finally! Here it is, the next Lair-fic! ::trumpets play, fireworks go off, and much cheering is heard::

And it's actually a fairly long one, too! I had a devil of a time writing it, dang thing kept wanting to go off in it's own directions. Anyway, here's hoping you like where I finally wrangled the bunny down.

Operation: Safeguard )

We have two new authors joining us in the Lair today, [ profile] stormr_d and [ profile] leni_ba -- everybody say "hi!"

As for the rest of you, don't forget to get your bios in! :D
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Saw something on the Discovery Channel that, combined with something I'd read earlier today, sparked an idea for a Stargate fic. I'm not entrely sure of all the details as yet, but it'll be a crossover with Highlander at least, and maybe Forever Knight as well. (Not too sure about the last one, may just make subtle inferences to it. I like stories with hidden nods to other fandoms.) It is, however, mainly a Stargate fic -- set sometime pre-"Meridian".

Oh, and may become slashy at a later date, although for now I'm working on a GEN principle. There's not much more here than the initial set-up, and not even the full thing of that. I just wanted to get the factual information I'd learned down first, and I'll build the story from there.

Daniel makes Jack's eyes glaze over, and Jack makes dinner... )

EDIT: I've figured out where I want this sucker to go now, and it's staying GEN. Still crossing over with Highlander, but only Methos -- it's mainly a Stargate fic. And while Jack will be taking a central role, it will not become another "Jack and Methos Show". Daniel and the rest of SG-1 will get plenty of showing. This I promise you. ::pinky swears::

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