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I totally just wrote this today because [ profile] shade_shifter wanted it dared me to. Hi, Shifty! ::waves:: Look what I did! Don't worry if you don't get all the TF nuances... neither does Dean. XP

ETA: Now with bonus cracky comment-fic, because people keep daring me to! ACK! *eg*

Title: Never Never Land
Author: Moonbeam’s Predilections
Fandoms: Supernatural/Transformers ’07 Movieverse Crossover
Genre: GEN, Crossover, Outside POV, sorta Humour
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,377 words
Summary: Sam and Dean investigate strange sightings at a car show.

Breaking your teeth on the hard life coming/Cutting your feet on the hard earth running... )

Am still sick. Still badly congested, still have a fever, still exhausted, and still feel like death would be a step up from my current condition.

I may not be going to work tomorrow at this rate. We shall see how I feel in the morning. ::goes off to cough up a lung::
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Over the years, I've become a lot more discerning about the quality of fiction I'll read. Despite working in a library, I rarely read books anymore because the quality of the writing for most pro-fic absolutely sucks in comparison to amateur fanfic authors who write because they love it, instead of just because they're paid for it.

Because of that, my standards for high-quality fic have risen drastically over the years. But one thing seems to have remained the same: my love for detailed world-building. Any author who can take a concept and develop it so thoroughly that I end up living and breathing it, seeing it as its own reality, even dreaming about it at night? Those are the stories I love the most, the ones I never forget, and keep going back to over and over again. They are stories which do more than just explore the characters or follow a cunning plot, they are stories that feel alive... rich and immense with detail, background, meaning and future possibilties. They are stories which have created a reality all their own, one which when done well, can often feel more real than canon.

There are several authors I can think of off the top of my head who do this with ease:

1. Macx (aka Gryph) with her undisputed Fire & Ice series in the Knight Rider fandom

2. James Walkswithwind (aka [ profile] zortified) with her enormously popular 'Centaur AU That Eats Fandoms', to which the world-building was so rich I came to love a show I'd never even heard of just through reading it. (To this day, I've never seen an episode of Houston Knights despite reading several hundred fics for it.)

3. Nix (aka [ profile] crimsonquills) who continued the Centaur AU brilliantly into two new fandoms and gave it even more depth and richness.

4. Red Wolf (aka [ profile] redwolfoz) whose werewolves Wolf and Declan have been part of my personal life for so long I've claimed Dec as my own perfect mate. Alas, too bad he's ficitonal. ::pouts::

5. TenthMuse1 who seems to excel in world-builing, even if her most popular one is a world I don't particularly like.

6. Jennifer Lyon and Suzanne Bickerstaff with their classic, beloved fantasy X-Files novels, The Magician Trilogy (in four books).

7. Sam (aka [ profile] copperbadge)'s better-than-canon Sirius and Remus raising Harry Potter AU.

8. Domenika Marzione (aka [ profile] miss_porcupine) who has taken the flippant world of Stargate: Atlantis and given it's military a voice and believability, as well a host of characters the readers keep looking for every episode despite them not actually being canon.

9. Susan Foster's Sentinel GDP AU, which while often unpleasant, no can deny has a life of its own.

and of course,

10. The entire Magnificent Seven fandom, who cooperatively brought to life the ATF AU based off of one tiny little fic by Mog.

And now the newest name to add to my list, Sanjuno Shori Niko (aka [ profile] sanjuno), who's taken the original G1 of Transformers and built an entire culture from the dregs of canon. A culture that revolves around my favourite characters, the sleek and gorgeous Seekers: Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp.


The Nine Rings of Vos, A Transformers G1 Fanfic
by Sanjuno Shori Niko

Summary: The Seekers have a plan, one that spans the entire length of the war, and is now coming to fruition. Soundwave and the Cassettacons get caught up in the plot, and somehow cannot find it in their sparks to regret any of it. As for the Autobot and Decepticon factions, well, they are all just really, really confused.


Link goes to the main timeline of series that span over 50 stories and millions of years. It's fun, full of humour and love, and best of all... builds a world I can't help but love.
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Damnit! I was hoping my new computer would arrive before this aired so I could record it live, but stupid shipping... Grr! One more week and I coulda had this bitch! Arg!

Anyway... KNIGHT RIDER: 2008 MOVIE! Almost forgot about it, but luckily my radio station reminded me on the way home from work today. Thus, having just watched on the the Canadian channel, Global -- otherwise known as the Channel Of Many Commercials But At Least It Wasn't NBC With Their Stupid Logo Constantly Blocking the Screen -- I give to you my summation report. Yes, it is time for the good, the bad, and (unfortunately) the ugly.

In Summation:

Not bad. I'm not gonna squee over it and fall back into KR fandom with paroxysms of joy... but I may check it out every now and then. So, you know, that's as good as could be expected I think.

ETA: Also, Ford's new commercial with the spandex people who contort themselves into car shapes? Creepy, but oddly compelling!
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For [ profile] stormr_d, on her special day -- a special fic, just for you! It's short and sweet, but from the heart. :D

Happy birthday, Storm! )
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Here you go, [ profile] vespurrs, your ficathon story is finally done and ready for consumption! I hope you like, and maybe get at least a little laugh out of it to brighten up your day. I wish I could do more for you -- if anyone deserves it, it's you. Life just isn't being nice to you at all lately, is it sweetie? Poor thing. ::hugs::

For Vespurrs, because she asked for it... )

Oh, and Shady? I am so sorry it took me so long to finish this dang ficathon! I won't let it happen again, I promise. We still on for next year? ;)
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I sat down tonight to work on the next story of my "Umbra" series, a crossover not only of two TV shows but of two widely popular Alternate Universes as well. The first story in the series, "Predators and Prey" introduces the relationship between sharpshooter Vin Tanner (from the modern-day ATF AU of The Magnificent Seven) and mysterious Nick MacKenzie (from Gryph's fantastic "Fire & Ice" AU of Knight Rider). Instead of what I was hoping for though, I wound up writing this...

It does NOT fit into to my "Umbra" series at all, but is at least set in the same basic !verse, after "Predators and Prey". But it gets weirder than that, too, because it also draws on a couple of other unexpected sources. One, the hit cult movie Hackers (starring Angelina Jolie). And two, the boy genius from SeaQuest. Why? ::shrugs:: Why not? Just go with it. ;)

For those KR fans who might read this, sorry that this is mostly M7-focused. Nick and Karr were there in spirit though. :)

Pointless 'Umbra' Fragment Scene )
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I'm not sure I really like this one. It didn't follow the plan at all. :(

In fact, I debated about posting it all, but then decided you guys were more likely to hit me for no story at all as opposed to a bad one. And I'm afraid of you -- you're all crazy. ;P

Beam Me Up, Scotty )
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Yes, yes! Finally! Here it is, the next Lair-fic! ::trumpets play, fireworks go off, and much cheering is heard::

And it's actually a fairly long one, too! I had a devil of a time writing it, dang thing kept wanting to go off in it's own directions. Anyway, here's hoping you like where I finally wrangled the bunny down.

Operation: Safeguard )

We have two new authors joining us in the Lair today, [ profile] stormr_d and [ profile] leni_ba -- everybody say "hi!"

As for the rest of you, don't forget to get your bios in! :D
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Today's story has been brought to you by cotton candy, Gummi Bears, and the letter 'Y'.

(As in, 'why am I doing this?!' :D)

Oh, Nutty's comments for a previous story were also used as inspiration. And Tomy already knows what happens in the implied moments after that scene. Have fun, kids! :D

A Hunting We Will Go! )
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Another one! I like this one -- and I think Tomy, especially, will as well.

And if you're curious, this one was inspired by my own day so far. I'm not over-stating the weather situation in the least! It's too freakin' hot! ::wipes the sweat off her forehead::

The Bet )

I think the next major project at the Lair ought to be the installation of a swimming pool -- or at least the discovery of an underground aquafer. :D
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Not quite as spine-tingling funny as the first one, but hell! In the mood we were in, anything and everything was hilarious! This one, at least, is a bit longer. ;P

Waiting for Tomy )
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Hi folks! I'm sure by now most of you are familiar with the existence of my Secret Lair, right? The extensive mountain cavern I own -- exact location hidden from all but my friends -- in which all our favorite fandom characters gather and much fun is had by all? And fic writers are kidnapped by my highly-trained ninjas and chained up in the Lair, so that ever may they produce lots and lots of high-quality fic for our enjoyment? *eg* Sounds familiar, yes?

Well, I wrote a little something for [ profile] dknightshade as a joke which she liked enough to spark an entire series. (I've sworn it before: that woman is a fully-registered Evil Influence(tm)! ;P) But, thanks to her, the new "Life at the Lair" series has been born!

The "Life at the Lair" series will be short, funny snippets detailing scenes and moments of, well, life at the Lair! Expect characters from mulitple fandoms to pop in at any time, and keep your eye open for some other familiar faces. ::snerk:: Friends are always welcome at Moon's Secret Lair! ;P

And now, to start us off... )
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In answer to the "Moonlight" challenge at the new Knight Rider fanfiction community, [ profile] the_kittchen, here's an angsty ficlet. Thank you [ profile] tomywca, [ profile] dknightshade (and [ profile] vespurrs!) for giving us a new home for our fic and fandom obsessions. :)

Set post-"The Scent of Roses".

The Sky Wept )

For Shady

Jun. 21st, 2004 11:55 pm
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As per your request, my dear... deleted, edited, and reposted:

Driving Blind WIP )

I can change it altogether, if you'd rather. Just let me know what's most comfortable for you. :)
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Three things:

1.) Tomorrow is Drive-In Night at [ profile] crack_van, so I need to find out if there have ever been any fanvids (fan-created music videos) made for the Knight Rider fandom. I couldn't find any when I checked, but that doesn't necessarily mean one wasn't made. If anyone has any info, PLEASE tell me! Thanks!

2.) While searching for the above fanvids, I discovered Universal Studios will be releasing Season One of Knight Rider on DVD in August, 2004 -- just in time for my birthday. Hee! So I'll give you three guesses what I want, and the first two don't count! :P

3.) Someone tried to use my email address to sign up for the SentinelAngst yahoo!group. Oookay, whatever. I actually thought the best come-back would've been to take whomever up on their invitation and accept the registration for them, so I checked it out. Unfortunately, they require all members to post stories regularly, but don't accept slash. Ah, shucks... looks like I'm just gonna have to decline. Too bad. ::blows raspberry at naughty person who tried to cheat with my addy::

Oh, what the hell... Here's one extra:

4.) In tracking down an old The Sentinel/Stargate slash crossover, I also found two new slash fics based on last year's The Rock action movie, The Rundown, which I just saw for the first time a few days ago. So, thanks to The Tenth Muse1 for aiding my corruption! ::virtual roses::
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If any of my fellow Knight Rider fans are interested, I'll be spending the month of May rec'ing all genres of KR fics at the [ profile] crack_van multifandom recommendations community. Come have a peek, maybe you'll find something you haven't read yet. ;)
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This is a short, humourous little fiction present for [ profile] dknightshade, to welcome her to the wonderful world of LiveJournal. Here you go, Shady!

Wherein Kitt toys with Michael, oh so very nicely... )
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This is all Tomy and Knightshade's fault! I'm innocent! Innocent, I tell ya!


A bunch of guys are sitting in a booth at a diner. Construction workers, cops, criminals, whatever. I haven't thought that far into it yet. But Michael's with them . . .

"You know why I call my truck 'Sweetheart'? Cause I swear its a female!" One guy said, pounding the table with a meaty fist and making the coffee cups shake. "After the last time I road my bike, I had to sit and beg the truck to start for fifteen minutes. I swear it was getting back at me for taking the Harley the day before. It was jealous, I tell ya! Jealous! Had to sweet-talk her just to get her started!"

Another guy snorted coffee through his nose, he was laughing so hard. "Hell, that sounds just like my wife!"

Michael just smiled. "I know what you mean, guys. My car gets really jealous anytime I drive something else. I practically have to describe my every action from the moment I got behind the wheel, explaining every step of the way that it meant *nothing*, and that 'of course I'd always choose you over another any day!' before my car'll even let me in the door."

"Tempermental, huh?" All of the guys were grinning at that point.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Michael agreed with a smirk. "I've faced easier interrogations by professionals than what my car puts me through! You think they'd expect --- Yeowch!"

At Michael's startled, pain-filled screech, everyone at the table (and several nearby ones, too) turned to look at him with various expressions of puzzlement. Ignoring their questioning looks, muttering invectives under his breath, Michael was busy rubbing his wrist and glaring fiercely at his watch.

"You okay, buddy?"

Suddenly, Michael grinned again -- a little maniacally. "Fine, fine. Just got a little shock through my watch. My car's way of expressing his displeasure with me."

The other guys looked nervously at each other. "Uh..."

Michael's grin widened, becoming more dangerous looking with every twitch of his lips. "He gets a little sensitive, you see. Over inflated ego. Just can't stand the idea that I might want to drive something else beside him, once in a while."

But before one of the increasingly concerned men could suggest the name of a good therapist, there came a very unexpected sound. A voice -- cultured, male, and distinctly pissed off -- eminated from the vacinity of the crazy man's wrist. Everyone stared at Michael's watch in confusion.

"I am not jealous, Michael!" the watch said. "I was merely concerned for your welfare. You were clearly suffering some sort of malady to have chosen that other vehicle as your conveyance."

"Because I chose to drive Kathy home in her own car?"

"Because it was a VOLVO!" Kitt shrieked indignantly. "A Volvo, Michael! A teal green Volvo!"

"What, a Volvo is a very reliable vehicle. Sturdy, trustworthy, unlikely to break down. What's the problem, pal?"

"It was a Volvo!" Kitt seemed to be stuck on that point, unable to get over the sheer offence of having been passed up for a small, boxy, teal green hatchback.

Michael was really having fun now, his grin stretching from ear to ear as he leaned back in his seat and brought his wrist closer to his mouth. "Hey, at least it wasn't a Volkzwagon," he offered impudently.

Kitt sputtered uncontrollably for several moments, completely incapable of coming up with a retort worthy of that insult. Michael began to chuckle as he listened to the static chittering over the comm-line.

"Fine!" Kitt finally returned, practically snarling in his CPU. "If that's the way you want it. One of your buddies drove up in a blue Beetle -- you can get a ride home from him! I'm leaving!"

And Michael sat in stunned shock as everyone in the entire diner turned to watch the sleek black sports car plow out of its parking stall and charge full throttle away from the lot -- the unique sound of its highly revved-up turbo engine hovering in air behind it.




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Over a month ago, Knightshade and I exchanged challenges to write fics that were not in our field of expertise. For Knightshade, that meant writing comfort-fic, because most of her pieces are depressing exercises in unrepentant angst. They're very good pieces of angst, but depressing nonetheless.

For me, it's just the opposite. I suck at angst. So that's what she bade me do. But just because we don't like doing things the easy way, we both had to throw out extra elements as well. I commanded Knightshade to include a a bubble bath in her h/c, she demanded a hug from me -- and she specified it must fall entirely within canon guidelines!

Well, pooh.

Anyway, Shady finished hers a few days ago and it can be read here. It's called "Soap-Sud Tears".

Mine, called "Minutes", is below:

Click to read. )

It'll also be posted to Fanfiction.Net and my website.

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