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The Gdoc of Doom(tm), the impressively huge and quickly developed document within which everyone and their dog put in their own two cents after Pinboard's owner foolishly invited suggestions (ha! he totally didn't see us coming!), has been condensed and contabulated and converted into an easy-peasy form. The simple three question survey is from what Maciej will be picking and choosing which new features to implement based on highest demand for them. So, yanno, if you're interested in a quality service catered to your fandom needs, do it and get your voice heard! Go vote and demand something!

CLICK FOR YOUR LIFE --> Pinboard Features Request Survey! <-- Oooh, baby, do me!

Further detail and explanations of what is included and what got left out by general opinion is all available on the [ profile] pinboard community. Have a look and make sure you do the survey! C'mon people, God Maciej is actually watching! And listening! And, even better, doing stuff in answer! So go ask for somethin', he actually cares! Plus it only takes, like, a minute of your time... and it's for the Good Of All Fandom. \o/

Survey closes Oct 7th, 2011. Vote now to optimize Pinboard for your fic searching/reccing needs!
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My car's gone in for a service check-up, so I'm stranded at work all day today. (Even though I'm only technically scheduled to work 'this morning' -- which is now past -- and 'this evening', with five plus hours of time to be wasted in between because I can't go any place! Eeeee!) Some of that time will obviously be spent playing online, so if anyone's around feel free to drop me a line. ;P

Also, a little reminder notice:

I posted a poll last night pretty late. It's about Spoilers and Story Warnings. I'd really appreciate it if everyone would take a few minutes to vote in it. I'm very interested in the results.


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I've found I very much tend to be in the minority where it comes to my love of knowing what's going on ahead of time. I love spoilers, and think warnings for fanfics are the best thing since ratings. (And heck, now that I think about it, there are even some folks who refuse to rate their fic, and that's a whole other issue to think about!)

But a lot of people out there not only don't want to have the mystery ruined for them, they also get rather strident about anyone who does. So, poll. What's the limit? Where's the line between what's acceptabe to talk about, and what should be kept secret so as not to take away somebody else's enjoyment? And if it should be kept secret for those so inclined, what's the best way to go about it?

Take my poll and let me know what you think of these issues. Further comments and/or extrapolations will also be gratefully accepted.

Thank you!

[Poll #1083733]

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