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Dum da dada! The promised Special Edition "Life at the Lair" fic! YAAAYYYY!!!

Bet you weren't expecting THIS! )
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Another one! I like this one -- and I think Tomy, especially, will as well.

And if you're curious, this one was inspired by my own day so far. I'm not over-stating the weather situation in the least! It's too freakin' hot! ::wipes the sweat off her forehead::

The Bet )

I think the next major project at the Lair ought to be the installation of a swimming pool -- or at least the discovery of an underground aquafer. :D
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Hey, [ profile] leni_ba! Lookie what I got for ya! I'm getting ready to pack up my computer for the move, so was trolling through my harddrive and found this sucker. Thought you, at least, might appreciate a good laugh. :P

Operation: Courtship )

Remember, mind. It was intended for my lil' cousin when she was 14 years old. (She's almost 18 now. LOL!) So it is kind of, well... ridiculous. Much like the anime itself. ::snerk:: It's a first season, Serena/Darien romance. Haven't worked all the details out yet, but Mina's with the gang and Darien knows who Sailor Moon is -- she doesn't know he's Tuxedo Mask, though -- but no one knows about the Princess, yet.

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