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Dum da dada! The promised Special Edition "Life at the Lair" fic! YAAAYYYY!!!

Bet you weren't expecting THIS! )
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Well. The Calgary Flames lost tonight's game and didn't win the Stanley Cup. They've got another chance on Monday, but... who knows, at this rate. :/

In the meantime, I saw one of my favorite episodes of seaQuest earlier this afternoon. It's one of the few episodes I remember from way-back-when. And in watching it, I began to wonder what those poor folks in the sunken mini-sub were thinking during all that time they spent stuck in a sinkhole, running out of air.

So I wrote this little snippet, which ended up taking me a few hours as it made me rack my brain trying to remember my lapsed French. (It's been six years since I've used my bilingualism. I'm a tad rusty! ::wink::)

Missing Scene from 'Bad Water' )
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Inspired by (but not related to) [ profile] labyrinthan_elf's hilarious series of "God, This Place is Boring When We're Not Chasing Sea Monsters" shorts posted on her LiveJournal, I hereby present a quick view from the other half of the equation. ::snigger::

Back off, you hussy! seaQuest is MINE! )

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