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... not panicking. ;)

Okay, so as pretty much the entire intarwebs knows by now, Delicious' new owners Avos revealed their new "beta version" to almost universal outcries of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!1!!"

Day or two later, some small hope is returned. Their Beta Status Blog indicates that the much-loved and essential features such as tag bundles and subscriptions are due to return. Special characters like the "/" for pairings, the exclamation mark (!), ampersand (&), period (.), colon (:) and even certain symbols like the heart (♥) and triangle (▲) are now working. (Although, apparently only for some people? Mine just came back a few hours ago, so maybe all it'll take is a bit of time to settle things.)

That said, thousands more fen are now participating in the Great Delicious Migration (add your name to the GoogleDocs Spreadsheet so we can keep track of you!) that first started last December with Yahoo!'s plans to shut down our lovely bookmarking tool. Some are heading for Diigo's free alternative, but there one must think about censorship concerns over random privatizing of porny links. Which isn't really very practical for most fen.

Many others are shelling out the small one-time fee ($9.44 at the moment) for Pinboard. I did too -- come see moonbeamsfanfic on Pinboard and feel free to add me to your network! (Don't forget to change your settings to show subscriptions!) Entry-cost aside, Pinboard is seeming to be the next best alternative to an as-yet nonexistent fan-made bookmarking tool. At least Maciej, the founder/creator, is being very friendly and welcoming to fandom invading his doors en-masse as we are. He's even open to suggestions as the in-progress GoogleDoc demonstrates.

Plus he's been very understanding of our crazy quirks even as it took no time at all to Rule 34 him with anthropomorphic crackfic in which Pinboard steals Delicious' girlfriend, Fandom. Which has been shared everywhere, and even Maciej has tweeted about it in good humour. For him and his awesomeness alone, I am happy with Pinboard!

In conclusion... I am not giving up on Delicious. The beta-version site relaunch was obviously WAY too early, but I'm hopeful things'll return to some semblance of normal. Fairly quickly too, if the other "fixes" implemented in the last 24 hours is any clue. (Granted it doesn't solve the problem of why they took them away in the first place, but meh... no harm, no foul in my bookmarks.)

In the meantime. watch [ profile] deliciouslymad for updates and come find me on Pinboard!
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Holy guacamole, Batman! I went to bed last night, all was calm. I wake up this morning, and my Inbox is absolutely flooded with new fic! OMGWTFBBQ!

Sweet bejeebus, people, what's with the massive posting frenzy? I've got over a hundred new story alerts from Fanfiction.Net alone and at least six of the WIPs I'm tracking on LJ got updated. And that's not even counting whatever new fics got posted while I was out sleeping for eight measely hours.

Now don't get me wrong, folks, I'm not complaining! But yowsa! Could you warn a girl the next time the entire intarwebs decides to be so ridiculously, productively explosive? I might want to get in on the action, yanno?!

Well, I guess I know what I'm going to be doing this fine rainy Sunday... XD
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Looks like the wind shifted over night so it's now blowing at 50km/h SE instead of 70km/h NW. As sorry as I am for those who've already lost their homes and businesses in Slave Lake, I am personally glad that this means my parent's home may now be out of danger. Mum was up at 6am this morning to check the news. The official reports still suck for details.

Still don't know if they'll be able to go home on Wednesday as was originally planned yet.

The dude on Twitter I was following last night, an EMS who was one of the last evacuees on the scene until four hours ago, seems to have done more than anyone to keep the world updated. He's listed as having 360 followers right now -- it was 179 when I went to bed last night. I'd bet it was only a fraction of that before the fire started. And that's not even including all of us who don't have Twitter accounts but we're still stalking his tweets.

So kudos and huge respect and thanks to @thisguydeya for not only his work on the ground, but his frequent updates and photos. You kept the world in touch last night, man. Thank you!

More icons!

Dec. 8th, 2008 10:34 pm
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Note to self: [ profile] nomadicwriter makes the BEST and most HILARIOUS Stargate icons evar!

*gakks like mad*


Dec. 8th, 2008 05:50 pm
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Good lord, I'm only using 48 out of 195 icons?!?!?!?!

At this rate, I could have an icon not only for every fandom I'm in (88 at last count, btw) but I could have individuals icons for every pairing and/or favorite character too. \o/

Of course, I personally suck at making icons, but there are plenty of icon-sharing communities out there. I'll have to trawl for fun goodies! (Oh, the hardship... *eg*)

Anyway, new Moon's moon icon is GIPed.
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So, CERN's Large Hadron Collider was successfully turned on without sucking the world into a black hole. Yay, science!

And then I discovered that the internet really is the best. thing. ever!

Don't know what the LHC is all about or how it works? Check out this very clever, and very amusing Rap of Physics for a full and complete explanation!

Still worried about the End of the World?


or HERE -->

And don't forget to check out the Page Source code of both sites for the greatest amusement value! XD


The io9's Large Hadron Kegger party has proposed a Large Hadron Collider Drinking Game. Score!
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[ profile] alphasarah is trying for her PhD on Blogging and needs folks to take her survey to help her get results. Help a fellow LJer out!

Bloggers, stand up and be counted! Take the “Public and Private in the Blogosphere” Survey!

Warning: Survey takes approx. 20-30 minutes to finish.

Thank you!
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Well... I think we all pretty much know what's going on by now, so I'm not gonna get into it. I will say this though:

1. I will NOT be giving up my LJ account.
2. I already have a JournalFen account in the same name, but I pretty much never use it unless I'm commenting on someone else's stuff.
3. I don't yet have a Greatest Journal, but may very well get one anyway. It will most likely not be updated anymore than the JournalFen account, but will serve for maintaining contact with those Flist who make the Exodus.
4. My LJ account is paid yearly, so I won't be downgrading to a free one until next year when my renewal date approaches. (Depending on the situation come 2008, that is.)
5. Please consider joining [ profile] fandom_counts with your fandom-related journals. It's just a body count, just so LJ knows how many of their customers are here for the very thing they're trying so very hard to alienate.

And that's it for my opinion on the latest kerfluffle. Good luck, my friends! Hope to see you all on the other side. :)


EDIT: My JournalFen and brand-spanking new GreatestJournal accounts, for the curious.

EDIT 2: FTW, the best thing to come out of this entire kerfluffle is [ profile] china_shop's Making Up Is Hard To Do (LJ/Fandom anthropomorfic - NC17). Wordy McWord!

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