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Hey, look! My muse made an appearance! ::cheers::

It's short, but it's a start. ;) Now if only I can hold on to it long enough to write that ficathon story I've got due in a week, everything would be great.

A Wolf&Declán!verse drabble, for Red Wolf )

There's also more Lair-fic to squee over, as both [ profile] reoune and [ profile] dknightshade have posted the next adventures of their Secret Lair serieses. Be sure to catch Deona's A Surprising Encounter and Shady's Another Fine Mess -- although I think most of you have seen the latter one by now already. ;P
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Admire it now, for THIS (::points below::) will Never Happen Again. As with everything from the last week, based on "The Chronicles of Riddick" which I just got back from seeing again. :D

OMG, I wrote an honest-to-god DRABBLE!! )

Also, now that LJ is cooperating again, I'll finally get around to commenting on everybody's posts. My, you people pile up quite a bit of fic in just a few short days!

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