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Ever wonder what happened to a character in their past to make them the person they are in canon? Sure you have! Luckily for us all, there are authors out there who've taken the time to flesh out some truly interesting backstories for various characters that fit perfectly and enrich the character's development on-screen.

These backstory fanfic recommendations may not be established canon themselves, but they also won't violate it too badly either. They are plausible, often make a lot of sense, and only add to the character's depth and fascination. You may even find yourself so convinced by these backstories that you end up claiming them for your own personal headcanon!

The Making of the Character of the Characters

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Who needs that fourth wall, anyway?

Yup, you guessed it, today rec list consists of fics that break the normal barriers of fiction. Some are funny, some are serious... some are just really really weird. But they're all are fabulous in their own way!

Pleased to Meta You!

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Sure, there's lots of stories out there about characters that can shapeshift. Werewolf AUs are a dime a dozen, and some supernatural-based fandoms have even made it canon. This rec list isn't gonna be about any of those though. This list is for fanfics where characters who normally remain human shapeshift into something completely unexpected for the fandom...

... and thus all the more interesting for it!

Shapeshifting into Unusual Creatures

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Sometimes, picking a title can be the hardest part of writing a fanfiction story. I know I'm pretty terrible at it! Having a good title is important. It's the first thing a reader sees so has to be the first thing to grab their attention and draw them in to your fic. It should be meaningful in some way, have some relevance to your story. A title can be serious, ridiculous, descriptive, ironic, lyrical... anything, really. The possibilities are endless.

Maybe that's why these authors didn't even bother to try. Some of these 'titles' barely even deserve the noun. Which is a shame, because the fanfics under these terrible titles are some of the best works that most people may never read because of their vastly misleading titles.

Bad Titles Hiding The Best Fics

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Crossovers when two or more fandoms are blended together into one story usually involve fandoms that have some basis of similarity among them. Similar timeframes, landscapes, themes, or characterizations... nodes of nexus from which blending their realities becomes imaginable. Even if the fandoms themselves are very different, there is one least one point of commonality that makes it not only possible but probable to see them mixed.

Then there are the stories like these... crossovers of fandoms so disparate you would never even conceive they could mix. Sure, you could cheat by making one or the other AU; fusions are the very definition of that. But these crossovers aren't fusions, these may make small changes but the do their best to follow the flow of canon. In the expert hands of the most talented authors, you'd be surprised how reasonably these unconventional fandoms can indeed come together.

Unlikeliest Crossovers That Work Unbelievably Well

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Right! Now that I've figured some things out about Dreamwidth (yes, like how to crosspost to my LiveJournal) I think it's time to get started actually posting some stuff. I tend to prefer sticking to fandom-based topics in my online life, but as I haven't got anything interesting going on personally I've decided to begin making regular fic-rec posts.

At least once a week, maybe more, I am going to post a list of fanfics I recommend for various reasons. Every list will be themed, some your common themes like By Genre, some... odder, like today's theme. This is as much for my edification as your own, after all. :)

Stories I Dream About

These would be fanfics that are interesting enough to dig into my subconscious so that I never forget them and keep going back to reread them. Usually I like most everything about it, the set-up and the characterizations, but find that I wish at least one part hadn't happened the way it did. So I dream about alternate endings or decisions, twists in the narrative that could result in the story going a different way. Like my brain is writing its own remixes for them that I could never do for real. These are a sample of those types of stories. They are all fantastic, well-written and I fully recommend anyone read them - you might even like them more than I do!

Fic Recs - Personal Headcanons )
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Yeah okay, I finally migrated. Had to, one of my most used communities is moving here permanently. I'll be keeping my LiveJournal account too, though.

Now let's try this crossposting thing!
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I just discovered that awesome buddy-buddy cop show of the 90s, The Sentinel starring Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart, has been re-released on DVD. Apparently it was finally released for the first time in 10 years in May 2016. Why did no one tell me sooner?!

Picked up season one on the spot for bargain price. Plans to locate the remaining seasons so far show mixed results. I can get seasons 3 & 4 in town for just slightly above Amazon's rate, which is great as I much prefer buying locally. But I can't seem to find season 2 available anywhere in my neck of Canada, which means I may have to shell out to Amazon for that. I do not like buying from Amazon as a rule, but...

I want my show!!!


Next up, someone find me Highlander: The Series on DVD, either complete box set or at least seasons 3-6 (aka the Methos years). Also possibly Kung Fu: The Legend Continues that doesn't cost an arm and leg for MOD format. ::wishes::
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Figured I should give a progress report...

Seven weeks since falling down the stairs and breaking my humerus bone at the shoulder, the orthopedic surgeon confirms it is firmly attached in place. A small retroversion of the humeral head remains, but since I'm young I should regain full enough range of motion as to make no difference. It'll still take up to a year to properly remodel new bone growth, but the bone itself is stable.

Unless I have another klutz attack and fall again, of course. But I promise I am trying very hard to avoid that!

My physiotherapist is like the Energizer Bunny, but my batteries are obviously not Duracell... )

Next challenge, putting my arm through a sleeve! Tank tops and fleece vests have got me through autumn, but there's snow on the ground now. Time to figure how to wear real clothes again. Progress!
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Hi World!

I haven't updated in forever, mostly because I only use this for commenting on fic or watching my communities anymore. But it also makes a great documenting tool for personal life events - ie: a journal. Who knew?!

Sept 27th, Sunday night, at about 8pm I fell down the basement steps. Made it down the top steps with little more than a bruised bum, but spun around at the landing and proceeded to go down the last few steps head first. My head survived. My arm did not. Hit my shoulder on the wall going around the turn and broke the bone.

TL;DR gruesome details )

Will update again in two weeks once I discover if I'm healing well. Or whatever...
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Gakked from [ profile] zortified because, hey, this was actually funny!

In 2014, moonbeamsfanfic resolves to...
Find a new highlander.
Find a better psych.
Admit my true feelings to jade_dragoness.
Take evening classes in merlin.
Keep my seaquest clean.
Go to the crossovers every month.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Alright, it's true, I admit it... [ profile] jade_dragoness, I love your fic! "As Morning Shows The Day" is one of my fave ST: AOS fics ever. Can't wait until the next part is out! (Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. What a relief!)


As for the other resolutions, I already do go to the crossovers every month. Crossover fanfics rock! (In fact, I apparently just hit 666 crossover recs on my Pinboard bookmarks, lol!)

And I'd love to take some classes in Merlin. That'd be awesome. I know there are some colleges/universities where you can take classes in Buffy, maybe it's the same thing. Ooh, or magic lessons! Then I could use the magic to keep my seaQuest clean, cause damn that's a big boat!

I don't think I'll have any luck finding a better psych though. :P
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The rivers around downtown and south Calgary finally flood after a month of constant heavy rain, and the whole city essentially shuts down. Even those areas not affected by flooding (like where I am.) Everything's closed! No work, no school, no buses, no transit. No library.

Oh well, guess I'm staying home today. As long as my power and internet still work, I'm good!

Woot, mandatory day off!
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..., because then maybe fandom would stop making me feel like I'm a broken freak who needs to be "fixed" to find true happiness.

I would like it if (just once even!) I could a find an angsty fic that doesn't pull a complete turn-around into a so-called "happy ending" by essentially saying: 'Oh, hey? That thing that was making you miserable? All your own fault! Just admit I'm right and you're wrong, and presto! All fixed! Now we can be together forever!' Tadda, instant happy ending!

Because I don't buy it. Relationships don't just magically fix everything. And, hey, guess what? That's okay! People have flaws, they have fears, they have angers... it's part of life. It doesn't mean they're "broken" and need fixing to be happy. They can, wonder of wonders, learn to be happy with themselves flaws and all, you know. Love doesn't always conquer all.

But the message all these fics are sending is that no, really, I'm wrong. If I just change who I am, I can find love and then suddenly everything in my life will be so much better, yay! And that makes me feel horrible and alienated after reading these fics because, sorry, I don't buy their happily ever after endings. Because I want the characters to hold out for once, to not compromise themselves to make the 'happy ending' possible. Because I am not only not satisfied by the relationship working out, I am actually upset by it. Because it's not goddamn FAIR to the character, okay? It's just not. And it's not fair to me either.

Why can't these characters be allowed to be themselves and not have to change to suit someone else instead? Why aren't they allowed to hold on to their so-called "hangups" and have the other person adapt to live with them? To accept them as they are?

Why do they, do I, have to be "fixed" to find happiness?

Answer: We don't. I'm just fine the way I am, and so are most of them. That's why we love those characters in first place, isn't it? So, please, just someone... leave them be. Let them live however they want, let them find happiness in themselves for once.

Even if that means being alone.
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I have a confession to make. The more I think about the Avengers movie? The less I actually like it. I know! It kinda shocks me too. Or it would have if... NO ACTUAL SPOILERS EVEN UNDER THE CUT BECAUSE I'M SNEAKY CLE-VER, HAHA! )

Avengers aside, that's not what I'm breaking the last six months of hermitdom to confess! No, no, it's far worse than that. Really, I'm practically ashamed of myself about this, but here goes:

I have become addicted to the MTV remake of Teen Wolf.

Whew! glad I got that off my chest. What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Don't worry, that's probably a good thing. It's, er, really godawful! Shitty acting, crappy plots, trying to take itself seriously when it's just plain ridiculous... it's a horrible show. How I ever got sucked into it I just don't know.

Okay, I'm lying! I know exactly how. It's the fandom's fault! They're actually really great, mostly because they don't really bother with the canon anymore than I do. It's all fanon, and the fanon is way way better! )

Geeze, two LJ cuts in one post? This is what happens when I don't post for six months. I get long-winded. Sorry, too many thoughts in my head! They have to come oooouuuut! ::flails wildly:: Save meeeeeeee!

TEAL DEER recap for those who didn't care (which I expect is everybody, ha! :P): The Avengers movie didn't wow me, but Teen Wolf fandom is embarrassingly addictive. Now I'm gonna go rec some kinky, hilarious Derek/Stiles slash on my Pinboard!
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Um, is it just me or does LJ look... different? ::scratches head::

I always feel like I'm the last one to know these things.
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Heroes fanservice in my Hawaii 5-0.

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In completely unrelated news...

How many tabs can you have open in Firefox simultaneously before it crashes? ;P
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Dear Pinboard users (and especially the amazing people in my Network),

I love you all very much because you bookmark so many wonderful stories in so many fandoms I love. All of which look incredibly interesting and have to, just have to be read as soon as possible. And you manage do it all the time, a constant stream of great fic to read and read and read so that I never run out of ficcy goodness. It's truly wonderful!

Could ya stop now though, plzkthx?

At least for a day or two, so I can catch up! I have sooooo many open tabs of stories-to-be-read in my browser it isn't even funny. I can't tell them apart anymore because the only part of the tab still visible is the little domain icon of where each tab points to, there's too many to even show partial titles. (Incidentally, I appear to have 8 Livejournal, 5 Dreamwidth, 2 Fanfiction.Net, 6 assorted personal authorsites, and far too many AO3 tabs too count. It's a see of red interspersed with some occasional blue!) And it's not all just one fandom either! I must have at least 15 fandoms represented up there -- though I think a significant portion of them are Avengers fandom, which is ridiculous because I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE AVENGERS, wtf? [ profile] crimsonquills, I so blame you for this. ::headdesks::

In conclusion, so much great fic! Please hold off on bookmarking more for a bit 'til I can read the ones you've already recced before i fall so far behind I'll never catch up!

Much love,
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I don't usually rec fics here on my journal, because that's what Pinboard (and, ostensibly, Delicious - for now, until they screw up again) is for, but omg, you guys have to read this!

The Chuck Writes Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography by faviconLettered (PG-13)

It is on the surface a Supernatural story and if you have or have had even the smallest passing interest in Supernatural fandom, you need to read this fic. I stopped watching SPN in Season 4, which is right about when this story is set, so it worked out perfectly for me. But I think anyone with even the smallest knowledge of Supernatural or just the teensiest understanding of the fandom will be blown away by the sheer awesomeness of this incredible metafic.

Because that's what it is about: The Meta. (Cut for summary/spoilers.) )

But the levels of meta go deeper than just the obvious. It is also an examination of how fandom as a whole works and responds, how people react, why it is so important to us, and what it all really means, if it means anything at all in the Grand Scheme of Life. It's like holding up a mirror and microscope and magnifying glass on ourselves and our concept of fandom and what is reality all at the same time! It's drama and humour and angst and crack and wank and of course so much meta that your brain actually hurts trying to keep it all straight. It's real and it's not, but it feels like it is, like it could be, and the author actually made sockpuppets for the "supporting" evidence, and some the "characters" could be real fen you know, maybe on your Flist, maybe even you, because we've seen this all before but it's all new, and how can we tell where fandom ends and reality starts or is it all the same?

::cue mind-breaking::

I think you'd probably have to have some understanding of Supernatural to really grasp the depth of this fic, but even without it is a fascinating portrayal of the existence of Fandom in general and the world we all live in here on LJ anyway. Well worth the read for anyone!

WTF, LJ? Stop eating my cut text! Argh!
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It are Made of WIN!

Also, made of kitteh. :D And camel and dog, too.

No really! It is actually made of cat fur, camel hair, and dog fur. I kid you not. Look!           ---->

The dark part at the top is the kitty fur, the brown part is camel, and the fuzzy white is the dog.

I collected the cat's shed fur for months, shipped it to my friend [ profile] redwolfoz and she spun it into yarn. Then she added camel and dog fuzz because Tinky fuzz was not enough alone, and made me a scarf.

And it is AWESOME! \o/

Thank you, Wolf! ♥

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