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I'm bored. Are you bored, too? Then play with me!

We've all got WIPs on the go. You do, I do, she does, he does, they do. Fact of life, yes/no? Bugger that. It's about time we make 'em work for us then, isn't it? Yeah!

So grab 'em -- grab 'em all! Yoink a snippet, a sentence, a drabble, a flopsy, a fragment, or a ficlet from them. Whatever you wanna call it -- make with the yoinking!

Then POST it! Ha! *eg*

That'll teach that WIP who's boss!! Mwuahahaha!!!


YOINK #1 -- Deux Vamp Machina! )

P.S. It does not matter if it makes sense or not. Just DO IT! That is all. :)
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Yes, yes! Finally! Here it is, the next Lair-fic! ::trumpets play, fireworks go off, and much cheering is heard::

And it's actually a fairly long one, too! I had a devil of a time writing it, dang thing kept wanting to go off in it's own directions. Anyway, here's hoping you like where I finally wrangled the bunny down.

Operation: Safeguard )

We have two new authors joining us in the Lair today, [ profile] stormr_d and [ profile] leni_ba -- everybody say "hi!"

As for the rest of you, don't forget to get your bios in! :D
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I think I'm going to need to take tomorrow (and possibly longer) off from writing Lair-fic, so this one's a bit longer than normal to make it up to you. ;)

It also has a few ulterior motives, as it somewhat answers the "Allure" challenge at [ profile] the_kittchen, and meets the suggestions of four fellow Lair denizens: [ profile] tomywca, [ profile] pheral, [ profile] stormdracona, and [ profile] blazingskies.

Remember! It's all in fun! ;D )
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Another one! I like this one -- and I think Tomy, especially, will as well.

And if you're curious, this one was inspired by my own day so far. I'm not over-stating the weather situation in the least! It's too freakin' hot! ::wipes the sweat off her forehead::

The Bet )

I think the next major project at the Lair ought to be the installation of a swimming pool -- or at least the discovery of an underground aquafer. :D
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Not quite as spine-tingling funny as the first one, but hell! In the mood we were in, anything and everything was hilarious! This one, at least, is a bit longer. ;P

Waiting for Tomy )
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Written for Mosca's Free Verse Poetry Challenge: any fandom, any genre, a few lines of obscure poetry. This is my entry. Special thanks to Knightshade for the beta.

Fandom: Forever Knight
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Nick/LaCroix
Rating: PG-13
Size: 30K

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